Scallop velvet potatoes and saffron kombucha

Maxime Godineau (Rougié)


1 pc scallop
Pm Amaranth

Cured egg
1 pc yolk egg
120g shiokoji

Mash potatoes
30g potato
5g butter
10g cream
Pm lemon zest

Saffron Kombucha
1 pc scoby
50g kombucha base
70g sugar
0,6g saffron
500g water


Saffron kombucha
Boil the water then infuse the saffron for 7 min.
Cool down between 30°C-35°C.
Add the sugar then mix until dissolve.
Pour the kombucha base and the scoby.
Ferment for 10 days in room temperature.

Cured egg yolk
Submerge the egg yolk in the shiokoji.
Marinate for 2-3 days.
Remove the yolk egg from the shiokoji.
Dry at 26°C-32°C for 5 days.

Put the scallop still frozen in vacuum bag.
Add clarified butter (50% weight scallop).
Cook in steam oven or water bath at 52°C for 30 min.
Sear with hot fry pan 30 seconds.

Mash potatoes
Cut the potato like a fine brunoises.
Cook over low heat with the cream.
Mix and strain.
Add the butter and season.

Plate up
Pour two “quenelles” of the mash potatoes on the left of the plate.
Dispose the scallop between them.
Finish with the cured eggs and saffron kombucha.

Chef's advice

Sear the scallop at the end will give crispiness texture and hazelnuts flavour.