Shredded duck burger “dau sôt ca chua” style

Rougié Chef (Rougié)


Dau sôt ca chua sauce (fried tofu)
100g tofu
2 pc tomato
2 pc clove of garlic
5g sugar
½ pc chili pepper
20g ketchup
80ml water
5g nuoc man
5g salt
1g coriander powder
5g tapioca flour

1 pc burger bread
1 pc frozen shredded confit duck meat
1 pc slice Béjo cheese
1 pc tomato slice
5g mince red onion
Pm wild pepper from the peaks


Dau sôt ca chua sauce (fried tofu)
Thinly cut the tomato, chili pepper, and garlic then sear.
Add the sugar, ketchup, and deglaze with water and season.
Cool down then mix with the tofu until get nice texture.

Shredded duck meat
Defrost the frozen shredded duck confit 3 hours in refrigerator before use.
Season with salt and pepper
Cook in hot fried pan for 4 at 5 min.

Toast the burger bun 2-3 min in the salamander grill.
Spread the sauce on the first bread.
Dispose the shredded duck confit then add the cheese slice.
Finish with the tomato, red onion and cover it with the second slice of the bun.

Chef's advice

Do not overcook the sauce to avoid bitterness taste.