Duck burger Char Siu and spicy mayonnaise

Rougié Chef (Rougié)


1 pc frozen shredded duck confit
1 pc burger bun
Pm rocket salad
Pm crispy onion

Spicy mayonnaise
200g oil
5g mustard
1pc yolk egg
1 pc red onion
5g tamarin paste
10g koon yick wah kee sauce
Pm salt
Pm pepper

Sauce Char Siu
30g onion
½ pepper
Pm sugar
100 ml water
5g light soy sauce
5g dark soy sauce
Pm sesame oil
10g cooking wine
5g corn-starch


Shredded duck confit
Sear the shredded duck confit still frozen in fry pan for 2 min each side.
Glaze it with the Char Siu sauce with the grill salamander.

Sauce Char Siu
Peel and mince the red onion.
Sear them, add sugar then deglaze with the light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, cooking wine, and water.
Add the corn-starch to get a nice texture.

Spicy mayonnaise
Mix the mustard, yolk egg and oil for making a “mayonnaise”.
Add the tamarin, koon yick wah kee sauce then season.

Toast the burger bun in salamander grill for 2-3 min.
Spread out the spicy “mayonnaise”.
Dispose the glazed shredded duck confit.
Add the Char Siu sauce, and the rocket salad.
Finish with crispy onions and cover with the second slice of bun.

Chef's advice

Sear the shredded duck confit still frozen will give softness.