Crispy seared potato and chili sauce burger

Rougié Chef (Rougié)


1 pc frozen shredded confit duck meat 1 pc burger bread
1pc burger cheese

Chili sauce
25g mayonnaise
Pm chili and garlic sauce
Pm salt

Crispy seared potato
25g potato
10g olive oil
Pm chines
Pm spring onion
Pm coriander
Pm soy sauce
Pm pepper

Pm baby salad
Pm red onion pickles
Pm extra virgin olive oil
Pm red wine vinegar


Crispy seared potato
Cut the potato into “julienne”, using a mandolin.
Mix with the herbs thinly cut and season with soy sauce and pepper.
Model the potatoes the same size as the burger.
Sear with olive oil.

Chili sauce
Mix the mayonnaise with the chili and garlic sauce, season with salt if needed.

Season the baby salad with salt, extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar vinegar.

Frozen shredded confit duck meat
Sear the shredded confit duck meat still frozen in a warm frypan for 3-4 min.

Grill the burger bread.
Dispose the chili sauce on the first bread.
Dispose the seared shredded confit duck meat, and the potato pancake on the top.
Add the cheese and the onion pickles.
Finish with the salad and close the burger.