Shredded duck confit burger from Pau

Rougié Chef (Rougié)


1 pc burger bun
1 pc shredded duck confit
2 pc sheep cheese slice
1 pc dry cured ham slice
Pm salad

Onion and grape compote
100g onion
100g white grape
25cl sweet white wine

Béarnaise sauce
1dl tarragon vinegar
1dl white wine
50g chopped shallots
30g chopped estragon
10g chopped chervil
5g de crushed pepper
Pm salt
5 pc egg yolk
250g clarified butter


Shredded duck confit
Sear the shredded duck confit still frozen in hot fry pan for 3-4min.

Onion and grape compote
Peel, and mince the onion.
Sear until to get nice brown colour.
Deglaze with the white wine.
Add the grape and reduce.

Béarnaise sauce
Reduce the white wine, tarragon vinegar, and the chopped shallots then cool down.
Make the “sabayon” with egg yolk.
Whip with the clarified butter.
Keep at 40°C - 50°C.

Toast the burger bun in salamander grill.
Spread the onion and grape compote.
Dispose the shredded duck burger.
Add the sheep cheese and dry cured ham.
Finish with the béarnaise sauce and the salad.

Chef's advice

Quickly sear the shredded confit duck meat in a warm frypan to prevent it from drying out.