Poached and seared scallop with white miso royale

Maxime Godineau (Rougié)


1 pc Scallop
3g butter

800g water
24g kombu
40g katsuobushi
Pm lemon zest

10g quinoa
200g dashi

Plate up
5 pc mitsuba leaves
Pm smoked oil

Royale miso
83g dashi
166g cream
1 pc egg
1 pc yolk egg
0,6g agar
5g miso


Infuse the kombu with the water for 12 hours.
Remove the kombu and cook at 65°C for 60 min.
Add the katsuobushi and the lemon zest.
Boil and infuse for 10 min.
Strain then keep 300g at 70°C.

Defrost the scallop 3 hours on sheet tray.
Remove the nerve then incise gently the scallop with a knife.
Poach in dashi at 70°C for 5 min.
Sear with hot pan until nice coloration.
Finish with a butter.
After cooking, the core temperature should be between 50°C-54°C.

White royale miso
Reduce the cream by half.
Pour the dashi then add the eggs and blend.
Strain and pour in adapted plate.
Cook in a steam oven at 80°C for 12 min.

Cook the quinoa like risotto.
Season then keep for the plate up.

Plate up
On the royale miso dispose the scallop in center on the royale miso.
Put 5 littles points quinoa around the scallop.
Finish with the dashi, smoked oil, and mitsuba leaves.

Chef's advice

Finish the cooking with the butter will give crispiness and hazelnuts flavour.