Candied scallop around the carrot

Maxime Godineau (Rougié)


1 pc scallop Grande cuisine
15g clarified butter

Carrots leaves oil
50g carrots leaves
50g grape seed oil

Dry powder carrot stems
50g carrot stems
1g salt

Carrot mosaic
1 pc purple carrot
2 pc orange carrot with the stems and leaves
1 pc yellow carrot

Carrot sauce
30g butter
100g carrots juice
8g carrots vinegar

Plate up
4 pc carrots leaves
4 pc thinly sliced carrots


Put the scallop still frozen in vacuum bag.
Add clarified butter (50% weight scallop).
Cook in steam oven or water bath at 52°C for 30 min.

Carrots leaves oil
Heat up the oil at 40°C then mix the carrots leaves.
Strain and keep in refrigerator.

Powder carrot stems
Put the carrots stems on pastry try.
Dry at 60°C for 2 hours.
Blend it in to fine powder.

Carrots mosaic
Wash the carrots and transfer them on some aluminum.
Season with oil and salt.
Wrap them tight with a foil.
Bake at 175°C for 45 min.
Cooldown in the refrigerator then peel them.
Dust the carrot stem powder on top.
Roll with a wrap as tight as possible.
Keep in refrigerator minimum 3 hours.
Cut thick slices then transfer on a try.

Carrots sauce
Reduce the carrot juice by half.
Add the vinegar.
Emulsion with the butter.

Plate up
Dispose the carrot slice mosaic in center of the plate.
Put the scallop on the middle.
Add the carrots slices and the leaves.
Finish with the carrot sauce and the carrots leaves oil.

Chef's advice

Sear the scallop at the end will give crispiness texture and hazelnuts flavour.