Scallop marinated with shiokoji, citrus and yuzu-kosho sabayon

Yohan Da Costa (Rougié)


1 pc scallop
15g shiokoji

Sudachi jelly
50g japanese dashi
5g sudachi juice
1g sudachi zest
0,45g agar-agar
0,5g gelatin

Yuzu-Kosho sabayon
1 pc egg yolk
10g Japanese dashi
1g lime juice
Pm yuzu-kosho paste

3 pc mandarin supreme
5 pc red baby shiso


Cook the fast frozen scallop with shiokoji in a vacuum bag in a steam oven at 52°C for 30 min.
Cool down in cold water with ice cubes.
Cut into 3 pieces.
Keep in refrigerator.

Sudachi jelly
Cook the Japanese dashi with the sudachi juice and agar-agar for 3 min.
Add the soften gelatin.
Pour on a cooking tray (2mm thick).
Add the zest and cut with a round mold.
keep in refrigerator.

Yuzu-Kosho sabayon
Cook the egg yolk with the dashi in a bain-marie.
Add the lime zest.
Finish by the yuzu-kosho paste.
Mix and keep in refrigerator.

Cook the mandarin supreme with a torch and keep in refrigerator.

Plate up
Dispose the mandarin supreme in the plate add the jelly on the top.
Plate up the scallop and the jelly.
Add the mandarin sauce and the sabayon.
Finish by the shiso and citrus zest.

Chef's advice

Cook the fast frozen scallop with 50% of shiokoji.